Under the Church is the latest release from Award Winning Americana Singer Songwriter Tony Denikos. Under the Church was recorded and mixed at The Wood and Stone Room by Scott Smith

1. Scott Smith - Acoustic & Electric Guitar (When the Morning Comes), keyboards (When the Morning Comes, The Sentence, Under the Church, & Glimmer).
2. Jen Smith - Cello (No Way Home), Backing Vocals (Save Me)
3. Timm Biery - Drums (No Way Home, I Am What I Am, & High in the Low Country)
4. Mark St Pierre - Drums (Glimmer, Under the Church, & When the Morning Comes) Percussions (High in the Low Country, I Am What I Am & Save Me)
5. John Thomakos - Drums (Save Me)
6. Eric Scott - Bass (When the Morning Comes, Under The Church, & Glimmer)
7. Greg Hemming - Bass ( Save Me)
8. Dave Roe - Bass ( I Am What I Am and High in the Low Country)
9. Gantt Kushner - Electric Guitar ( I Am What I Am, Glimmer, Under the Church, High in the Low Country, Save Me, No Way Home)
10. Ken Wise - Mandolin and Violin (The Sentence)
11. Brian Simms - Keyboards ( I Am What I Am, High in the Low Country), Accordion (Tip of My Tongue)
12. The Stray Birds (Bad Boy Blues and No Way Home)
    a. Maya de Vitry - Banjo
    b. Charlie Muench - Upright Bass
    c. Oliver Craven - Violins
13. Sophia Frid - Vocals (High in the Low Country)
14. Jessica Irwin - Vocals ( High in the Low Country)
15. ellen cherry - vocals ( High in the Low Country)
16. Patty Reese - vocals ( I Am What I Am)
17. Kevin O'Brennan - Vocals ( Save me)
18. Lee Townsend - Bass ( No Way Home)

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Catch Tony Denikos performing with his band "Tony Denikos and the Working Poor" or as an acoustic act.  It's a roots rock'n, country blues'n, power folk'n, Americana musical experience! Think CCR meets John Prine meets Lowell George.

The Band: Rick Weisenmiller - Drums / Mark Riddle - VOX, Bass
Gantt Kushner - Guitar / Lee Townsend - Bass


Hey Folks! Tony has begun writing his 5th album. He's more than halfway there and will start recording sometime this year. Tony sez he's "stripping it down to its raw roots". Should be an interesting project indeed! We'll keep you posted....
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Tony Denikos Under the Church CD

"This new album is already riding high in the EuroAmericana chart, and rightly so..Tony Denikos has the songs, the voice, the guitar playing and the musical pals to be as treasured a performer as, say, John Hiatt or John Prine". --John Davy, Flyinshoes Review Read More

Tony Denikos Winner of the Great American Song Contest

'Home for Christmas' - Winner of the 14th Annual Great American Song Contest!

2012 Showcase Performer


Grand prize winner in the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest! Download a free copy of the winning song NOW! (windows users, right click and save)

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