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"Tony Denikos has garnered so much praise and reviews that I wasn't left with hardly any adjectives for my own review. …There's a warmth and natural soulfulness to this sound that is as much approachable as it is admirable…. Next time I sit beside Prine at Arnold's Meat & Three, I am going to hip him to the fact that I know who is going to fill his shoes when he retires."
--Gary Allen (JJ Cale/The Charlie Daniels Band/Stonewall Jackson)


Publicity Continental Europe 
Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran

"the perfect Americana album with such good songs,  fantastic musicianship and Tony's sweet and magical voice sounds really beautiful , natural... to me it is the best album he's ever recorded .." -- Michel Penard

"Three chords and the $&@#% truth!" -- Andrew McKnight


" Americana album worth waiting for" -- Musiekwereld

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