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I was born before the imbecile was crowned without a fight
Before the blind and the deaf and dumb gave up all our rights
Before the books were set ablazing, before the beatniks all were drowned
Before the misanthropic savior pulled up stakes and blew this town 

Yea, they let them oil men in the hen house, now their chins are dripping blood
Left our Mamas and our babies with their faces down in that sludge
As their greed washed over Main Street like an infantry disease
Them fat cats left here laughing 'cause we left 'em go for free 

For sale for sale 
For shame for shame
Up on the auction block 
The USA 

The capitol and K street- they're just one and the same
And they're blaming one another boys but we know it's just a game
They ought to think about our Heroes, who proudly gave their lives,
For the noblest of reasons, that can't be compromised. 

For sale for sale… 

As the sun sets in the West, it's rising in the East
And big business they could care or less how they feed the beast
They say, "Empires rise and fall", my friends but this is way too soon
Our Leaders dance on sinking ships while bankers call the tune 

For sale for sale… 

And those bastards up on Wall Street- they're such an awful breed
Would turned our land of liberty into a prison made of greed
And our lady of the harbor – she still wears freedom's crown
Even water-boarding Christians couldn't tear that bad bitch down! 

For sale for sale… 

For shame for shame 
For sure for sure
Nothing never gonna be the same no more!

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