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He was only a baby when he ran off to war 
For freedom and justice of that he was sure
On a hillside in the jungle he drifts far from home
He mumbles a song that he knew as a child

Chorus- "All alone - so all alone…
only broken down cowboys and Jesus could know"

Broken and beaten and barely a man
A lady did reach out and give him her hand
And lays him down gently
And rocks him so slow He shakes and he shudders and refuses to cry

"All alone - so all alone…

Now his hair has turned silver and his years have turned gold
He walks by the birch trees and he smiles and the cold 
If it weren't for his lady, he'd have lost his poor mind
So he stops sat the tombstone and he leaves her a rose

"All alone - again all alone…
Only broken down cowboys and Jesus could know"

"All alone - still all alone…
Only cowboys and junkies and Jesus could know"

"Jesus could know"

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