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Under the Church



I was born of the 60's son 
when the Kennedys were swinging
For a little while we thought we'd won
but we was only dreamin'
And the answer seemed so clear, 
And it we held it oh, so dear
Ah, but dreamers come and dreamers go 
it's the nightmares leaves you screaming

I watched my kid bother die from an I.E.D. in Asia
No sooner do you hit the ground they sent another to replace ya
And then they fold the flag so neat,
And the bugle sounds so sweet
And they could look my Mamma is the eyes 
but they won't have to face her

Oh and I've lingered too long 
To see everything I ever hoped for gone
And to realized those glimmers 
were just tears in my eyes.
Tears in my eyes….

The longer I've been living boys, 
the sooner I'll be dying
You can't live forever son 
and there ain't no sense in trying.
And no matter what they say, It all just fades away
And when they throw my body in the ground
they'll be no one left for crying...

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