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She had a small town disposition
She had a big brass bed
She had visions of her sugar dumplins dancing in my head 
She don't sip no "peach tree" brandy
She don't sniff no sniffer glass
She ain't worried 'bout no prisoners\
She's been busy kicking ass

And the darkest side of midnight
Is when a Laurelite will shine
And you know she's been going down town

Now I don't dig no Yankee doodle
I don't love no Yankee whores
If I hear one more Yankee hypocrite
I'll start a Hot Damn War
Southern whiskey in my belly
Southern women on my mind
I'm a two bit, low down, southern honky
Up in Jessup doing time

And the darkest side of midnight…

I've been working for a living
I've been trying to raise a buck
Got a mansion up on a mountaintop
Stuck down in a rut
Got a pistol in my pocket
Got a Bible on the shelf
Got a little advice boy you better think twice
If you're worried bout your health

And the darkest side of midnight…

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