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She sits alone in the workers' lounge
Eats her lunch and stares straight down
And overhears the gossip cross the way
It seems that Jill's been doing Sue's old man
And he got caught with Carrie Ann 
So he'll be staying with another friend 
For the next few couple days

And nobody loves her
And nobody cares
And the lights are on but the girl's not home 
I mean there ain't nobody there
She's got a mirror on her vanity
Reflects upon the tragedy
Of an awful, lonesome state of affairs

Now she met a man will finally treat her right 
He's coming by this very night 
So she wrestles with herself to find 
The perfect dress to wear
But she's still alone come 12:00
So she knocks down one more double shot 
And unties the yellow polka-dotted ribbon from her hair

And nobody loves her…

It's just an awful, beat down, 
broken-hearted state of affair.

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