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There's a little tiny house down in Norfolk Town
I used to live inside it till I felt drug down
By a rotgut feeling The nightlife oft' times brought
So I changed my mind and I came back home
By the time I found out I was all alone
It was way too late
I guess I just got caught 

And I got kicked out by roustabouts
Taught by hippies what life's about
And of all the things I've been
I weren't never bored 
Then I fell back from a heart attack
Oh, she hurt so good
Made my ripcord snap
Now it kinda just sits there
Looking up off the floor 

I met a lady by the midnight sea
Vivian was beautiful and sweet
While I played for drunken sailors there for tips and drinks
She said "Nothing's ever really as it seems, ya know what I mean"? 

And a Ferris Wheel made of gold and silver
Gets so damn cold, too numb to feel
Keeps you spinning so high
You wish to hell you'd just come down 
Like a "promised land" you know I've been there man
Long enough for me to understand that a fantasy world
Is only meant for clowns 

I met a lady by the lonesome sea
Vivian was beautiful and sweet
And I told that girl I loved her she just smiled at me
She said "Love is never really what it seems"?
Or so it seems.

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